Esprit 2023 Preregistration Form for Additional Family Members

Please do not print this form. Complete it in your browser, click the Submit button and check your email for your confirmation letter.

  1. This form is only for registering an additional Family Member of a primary attendee, who must have already pre-registered. To select a different form, please return to Registration Start.
  2. Each person attending Esprit MUST BE REGISTERED.
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  4. Note that pre-registering does not obligate you to pay or attend nor are you guaranteed a space at Esprit or any hotel.
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  6. Our mailing address is:

    Esprit Registrar, 2908 200th Ave SE, Sammamish, WA 98075-7469

  7. We urge you to refer to these Help buttons for lots of useful information and guidance.

All information is kept strictly confidential.

Attendee Information
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Attendance and Registration Fee

Please indicate days you're attending.

Refunds will be made only upon written request. Please review the Esprit Refund Policy below.

You (the family member)
Days Fee Notes
Sun - Sun (SS-F-FR) $240.00 T3 Additional Family Full Rate Sun-Sun Details
Wed - Sun (WS-F-FR) $200.00 T3 Additional Family Full Rate Wed-Sun Details
Fri - Sun (FS-F-FR) $170.00 T3 Additional Family Full Rate Fri-Sun Details
Sunday Only (1S-F-SR) $35.00 T3 Additional Family Sunday1 only Details
Monday Only (1M-F-SR) $50.00 T3 Additional Family Monday only Details
Wednesday Only (1W-F-SR) $60.00 T3 Additional Family Wednesday only Details
Thursday Only (1R-F-SR) $70.00 T3 Additional Family Thursday only Details
Friday Only (1F-F-SR) $116.00 T3 Additional Family Friday only incl. meals Details
Saturday Only (1A-F-SR) $107.00 T3 Additional Family Saturday only incl. meals Details
Do you have any special dietary requirements or allergies?
Yes No
Please check all that apply. Please use "Other" ONLY to specify major allergies and medical requirements: more info
Vegetarian Gluten_Free



You can preorder and prepay for various items in this section, such as additional meals. You can also indicate your interest in various excursions, but please note that many excursions will have significant additional costs which are not included in your Esprit registration fee. You'll be asked to confirm your participation when you check in. Click More... for details.


Select Quantity
Croquet on the Lawn  Signup option only to gauge interest and numbers.    More... 0.00
Day Trip to Victoria BC on the MV Coho ferry (Butchart Option)  This is for the ferry only. Select a quantity to the right and then choose from the options that appear below to complete your outing. Some options may require prepayment which will be added to your Esprit acount.  The ferry portion of the excursion is approximately $43.50 round trip, paid when you board the ferry at Port Angeles. A passport or enhanced driver's license is mandatory to cross the border.    More... 0.00
Butchart Gardens High Tea  The Butchart Gardens High Tea is typically around $49.50. This is NOT covered by your Esprit fee and will be charged at the Dining Room.  Taxi and Gardens admission are required.    More... 0.00
Butchart Gardens Taxi and Admission  Shared taxi fare and admission to the Butchart Gardens. Taxi fare is about CAD$110 round trip (divided by 4-5 passengers). The Garden admission is about CAD$36.50 $which is required to partake in High Tea. Please have cash to cover the taxi fare.    More... 0.00
Golfing With Sandra  Signup option only, to gauge interest and numbers. Green fees and club rentals payable at clubhouse.    More... 0.00
Pickleball Tournament  Please note - this is a signup option only so we can gauge interest and numbers.   More... 0.00
Pickleball Beginner Classes  Please note - this is a signup option only so we can gauge interest and numbers.   More... 0.00
Stephanie Avion Chix w/ Stix Pool Tournament - SIGNUP  Please select this ONLY if you're signing up to play. Spectators are welcome and encouraged but don't need to sign up.    More... 0.00


Select Quantity
PLEASE NOTE  Additional meals are not available to purchase yet. Meals already included in your package are not affected.    More... 0.00
Volunteer Signup

Be a part of Esprit! There are many jobs - some small, some large - that we'd love some help with. If you'd like to help out for an hour or two, please check the areas below. For more details, click beside each one.

Click here to see the opportunities we have for you!

Ascot Setup  
Ascot Runner  
Audio Assistant  
Talent Show Setup Assistant  
Talent Show Backstage manager  
Equipment Move for Saturday Gala  
Badge Photograph

You can provide a photograph of yourself to be used on your photo ID badge at Esprit. If you were at the latest in-person Esprit and had your portrait taken for the Yearbook you can also ask for that photo to be used. If you prefer, we can also take your photo when you check in.

We strongly encourage you to send in a photo ahead of time so that your badge will be ready when you arrive.

Badge photos must meet specific requirements. Please click here to review the Photo requirements.

You (the family member)
Please use this uploaded photo:
Use latest in-person Esprit Yearbook Photo
Take photo on arrival
Vaccination Certificate

Vaccination certificates not required now. However if state or federal regulations change, please be prepared to show proof of vaccination at checkin time.

The Fine Print

Please read all of the following. You will need to scroll through it to see it all and click the acknowledgement checkbox at the end.

By submitting this registration application I acknowledge that I have read the following terms and agree to them and will comply with them.

Esprit is an event for transgender people to meet, learn and socialize in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consent within the convention, the hotel, its staff and guests, and the community at large. Respectable and respectful attire and behaviour is expected regardless of your choice of gender presentation.

Esprit is a private event and occurs on private property, in a public setting, and both the hotel's and Esprit's rules of conduct apply. Lewd, lascivious, offensive, intrusive or fetish behavior by attendees or visitors, determined solely at Esprit's discretion, will not be tolerated and Esprit reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel the remaining portion of an attendee's participation if this code is violated.

Refunds will be made only upon emailed or written request.

Requests emailed or postmarked on or before 2nd April, 2023 are eligible for a full refund*. Requests emailed or postmarked between 3rd April, 2023 and 12th May, 2023 inclusive are eligible for a 50% refund*. If you cancel after 12th May, 2023, Esprit will credit the lesser of the current price of the full meal package or actual payment against the cost of attendance at Esprit 2024.

Extenuating circumstances will be considered at Esprit's sole discretion.

*Please note: If payment was made via PayPal, the refund will be reduced by any amount not returned to Esprit by PayPal.

I agree to abide by the Esprit Rules of Conduct and attest to the fact that I will be at least 21 years of age upon arrival at Esprit, unless attending as a child of an attendee. If a couple, I attest that we are a couple in a legally recognized relationship or who have been living together (maintaining the same physical residence) continuously for the past 12 months.

I have read and agree to these terms.