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General Online Registration is not yet open! Please visit us again on 1st January, 2024.

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At a glance
Esprit is HAPPENING IN PERSON at this point.

GENERAL Registration is CLOSED
VENDOR Registration is CLOSED
PRESENTER Registration is CLOSED
Scholarship Applications are CLOSED

Important Dates
23 Sep 2023<-- Today (it's 1:21pm PDT)
01 Nov 2023Early Vendor Registration Opens
01 Nov 2023Early Presenter Registration Opens
01 Nov 2023Committee Member Registration Opens
01 Jan 2024Online Registration Opens
01 Jan 2024Online Scholarship Applications Open
01 Feb 2024Fees increase by $10 (T2)
01 Mar 2024Fees increase by another $10 (T3)
08 Mar 2024Deadline for full refund
01 Apr 2024Fees increase by another $10 (T4)
06 Apr 2024Esprit Scholarship Application Deadline
06 Apr 2024Deadline for Vendor Registration
06 Apr 2024Deadline for Presenter Registration
12 Apr 2024Deadline for 50% refund. No refund after this date; partial credit towards next year's attendance.
25 Apr 2024Deadline for receipt of mailed-in payment.
After today you must pay in person on arrival (cash, check or credit card using PayPal accepted)
01 May 2024Fees increase by another $10 (T5)
12 May 2024Esprit BEGINS
19 May 2024Online Registration Closes
19 May 2024Esprit ENDS

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