What's new for 2023

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REFUND POLICY UPDATE: Our refund policy has changed.

Refunds will be made only upon emailed or written request.

Requests emailed or postmarked on or before 10th March, 2023 are eligible for a full refund*. Requests emailed or postmarked between 11th March, 2023 and 14th April, 2023 inclusive are eligible for a 50% refund*. If you cancel after 14th April, 2023, Esprit will credit the lesser of the current price of the full meal package or actual payment against the cost of attendance at Esprit 2024. Extenuating circumstances will be considered at Esprit's sole discretion.

*Please note: If payment was made via PayPal, the refund will be reduced by any amount not returned to Esprit by PayPal.

NOT NEW, BUT IMPORTANT: Esprit isn't for young folks.

Esprit is NOT intended for youth or juveniles, nor is it designed for you. If you're under 21 (Washington state's age of majority) we can't accept you at Esprit, unless you're attending with a parent or guardian who is also registered.

VOLUNTEER WITH ESPRIT: Lots of ways to help!

Sign up to be a part of Esprit! There are many interesting tasks, some large and some small, that we would dearly love some help with. Please consider joining us as a volunteer for a few hours. There's no experience necessary, just a desire to pitch in and help put on this wonderful event! There's a convenient place on your registration form for you to sign up.

WE'RE GOING PAPERLESS: A new, greener Esprit!

Most people won't need to mail in paperwork any more! If you're paying by PayPal or in person, there's no need to mail in a copy of your confirmation email. We do recommend you print it anyway, keep it safe and bring it with you to Esprit as it contains important information and will also simplify your checkin when you arrive.

Please note that if you're mailing in your payment (check or money order) then you MUST still print and enclose your confirmation email.

MEAL OPTIONS: Not just for picky eaters.

You can now specify special dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free etc.) when you register! This will make it easier on the kitchen staff who can then prepare and serve your meals along with everyone else's. more info

BRINGING A FRIEND?: Buy them a meal.

You can buy extra meals when you register! This is very useful for vendors and presenters. You may also be able to preorder and prepay for other items too - check the new "Add-Ons" section in your registration form.

REGISTER YOUR FAMILY: Multiple registrations on a single form.

Easier-to-use registration forms! You can now register yourself, your SO and and additional family member all on the same form. Businesses and Presenters can register themselves and provide their presentation or business information all on one form.

PAY BY PAYPAL: Pay right away and save on late fees.

You can now pay online using PayPal! When you submit your registration form you'll see the option to do so.

SEND US YOUR PHOTO: Save time, for you and us.

You can now upload your own photo for your Esprit ID badge. Be sure to check the help button on the registration form for details on format and size. If you do, your badge will be ready for you to pick up as soon as you check in!