Please read this...

As a vendor, you need to do two things:

  1. Register yourself AS A VENDOR. This identifies you to us as a vendor.
  2. Register your BUSINESS. This tells us what you'll be selling, consulting, etc. and explains what you'll need for room setup.

You can also register one assistant.

Please choose below.

Register yourself and your Business (and optionally your Assistant and a Presentation)

You only need to do this ONCE. You can do all of the above on a single form.

Register your Business

Use this if you've already registered yourself as a Vendor but still need to add your Business, or want to add another business.

Register your Presentation (optional)

Use this if you've already registered yourself as a Business but want to add a Presentation (such as a class or workshop).

Register your Assistant if any

Use this if you haven't yet registered your Assistant. You can have ONLY ONE assistant. Use this link to register them. If you have additional assistants, they must register as fee-paying Esprit attendees.