Frequently Asked Questions

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Why must I register?

Like all conventions, Esprit has expenses to be met and planning requirements for class sizes, meals and other events. We need to know how many people are coming and need contact information to inform you of changes.

Is the registration process secure?

The registration system runs on a secure site; you'll see a padlock icon in a corner of your browser window which signifies this. You'll also see the "Secured by positiveSSL" site seal on all our pages. We use industry-standard "SSL" - Secure Socket Layer - technology, the same as that used by banks and credit card companies. SSL encrypts, or scrambles, your information right in your computer before it's transmitted to our site. Our site decrypts it automatically using a decryption key that only we possess. It is imposslble for an eavesdropper on the Internet to intercept your data without that decryption key.

I'm closeted. Can I register anonymously?

You can't remain totally anonymous; however you can use a pseudonym. We must be able to contact you by email; you can set up your own hotmail or Gmail account for this purpose. Payment must be by PayPal, check or money order, unless you bring cash when you arrive.

How do I pay?

Esprit accepts (from most convenient and least anonymous to least convenient and most anonymous):

  1. PayPal. There's a button at the end of the registration process. You don't need a PayPal account but you do need a credit card.
  2. Check. This must be drawn on a US bank or be clearly marked "US FUNDS". Mail it with your confirmation letter or bring it with you.
  3. Money Order. You can purchase this at most post offices. Mail it with your confirmation letter or bring it with you.
  4. Cash. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Bring it with you when you register.

I've registered but now can't attend. Can I give my spot to someone else?

Yes, but you must email us at with the details BEFORE Esprit. Your replacement must agree to the Rules of Conduct before participating.

My spouse wants to come. Does she complete her own form?

Yes. You can register yourself, your spouse and an additional family member on the same form. If your spouse or another family member decides to come after you've already registered, you can register them on separate forms. They will need YOUR email address and confirmation number to get their special rates.

My spouse wants to come but not participate in any events or meals. How do we do this?

You simply register as a Single attendee. Your spouse will not have to register nor pay. However, he or she won't receive a badge and will not be admitted to Esprit functions or meals.

I'm a vendor or presenter. I've already been in contact with your coordinator. Must I still register?

Yes, you must. Regardless of any discussions you may have had, we still need your information in our system. Your vendor or presenter coordinator can help you with this.

Must each individual complete a separate registration form?

Not necessarily. Even though every person at Esprit must be registered, you can register yourself, your SO and a family member all on the same form. If they register after you've already registered, they will need to complete their own forms; they will need YOUR confirmation number and email address.

Vendors and Presenters can register themselves plus one Assistant on the same form. You can register your Assistant after you've registered as long as you have your confirmation number and email address.

Can I apply for a scholarship before I register?

No. You MUST register for Esprit first. You will not be able to complete your scholarship application until you do. The application process requires your email address and the confirmation number you receive when you register.

What information must I provide on my scholarship application?

First of all, you'll need to provide your email address and the confirmation number you received when you registered for Esprit.

You'll need to tell us why you need financial assistance, and what benefits you hope to receive from Esprit. You'll also need to provide the name and contact information for a reference. Your reference is simply a person who knows your situation but is not related to you and is not also applying for a scholarship. Here's more information:

Your Reference

This is long, but please read through it. It will answer:

  • Why must I provide a reference?
  • Who can be a reference?
  • Who cannot be a reference?
  • What will you ask my reference?
  • What about privacy concerns?
  • What if I cannot give you a reference?

Why must I provide a reference?

The Esprit Scholarship Fund is funded by many generous donors who expect that their donation will go to individuals who meet the scholarship eligibility criteria. The Scholarship Committee, as administrator of those funds, must do due diligence to be able to show that those criteria have been met. Following up with a reference provides the Committee with a level of assurance that a scholarship is merited or not.

Who can be a reference?

Good references are friends, members of a trans-oriented group (support or social), group leaders, club executives, counsellors, therapists, case workers, pastors and medical professionals. They must know of your trans status and have some idea of your financial situation. It's best if they've known you personally or worked with you professionally for at least a year.

Who cannot be a reference?

A reference cannot be a family member, another scholarship applicant or a casual acquaintance who could not honestly answer our questions (see the next point).

What will you ask my reference?

When we contact references, we describe Esprit very briefly and outline the benefits it provides. We then ask if in their opinion, you would benefit from attending Esprit and if they believe you would be unable to attend without financial assistance.

What about privacy concerns?

Professionals such as counsellors, therapists and so on are bound by confidentiality and privacy constraints. You will need to provide them with consent to answer the above questions. It is best if you ask them before you complete your application so that our contact process can go smoothly.

What if I cannot give you a reference?

If you are unable to provide us with a reference we will contact you via email or in some cases by phone.

Now that I've registered, am I guaranteed my spot?

Online registration is not confirmed until your payment is received and acknowledged by the Esprit Registrar. You will be sent a receipt by email. Make sure you print it and bring it with you when you check in.

Does registration include my hotel room?

No; registering for Esprit DOES NOT include registration for accommodations. The fees charged by Esprit are for the conference only. You must make hotel reservations directly yourself, either with the Red Lion or elsewhere. Keep in mind that the Red Lion offers special Esprit rates. Click here for details.

What about Badges?

When you arrive at Esprit and check in, you'll receive an ID badge with your photo and your preferred name on it. Other information on the badge shows what days you've registered for and what meals you may have. You MUST wear your badge at ALL times. Without it, you will be denied entry to meals, classes and any Esprit functions, and you might be challenged if you're seen in Esprit-exclusive areas (such as the Vendor Mall).

The badge has a QR code that contains a unique code - no other information. We scan it for entry control to meals and other functions.

What if I lose my Badge?

Contact the Esprit Registration Desk and we'll issue you a new one. Should you find the old one, you can destroy or discard it; it won't work any more anyway.

Do Presenters and Vendors have to have Badges?

YES. Even though you've registered and been in contact with your coordinator, you must have a Badge. It assures our other attendees that you're a registered vendor or presenter and that you're part of the convention. It also controls admission to Esprit functions.