Esprit's COVID-19 Policy

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TRAVELLING TO CANADA (e.g. for the Victoria Day Trips)

All travellers entering Canada must register using the ArriveCAN application before entering Canada. This includes all travellers, including returning Canadians. Click here to get started (opens in new tab).

Must I wear a mask?

Masks are not required at Esprit. However we encourage you to wear one whenever you feel it is necessary. For example, you might choose to wear one during meals, dances, classes or in other indoor settings with groups of people.

What types of masks are recommended?

Your mask should be of a type recommended by the Centre for Disease Control. You can find more information by clicking here.

Must I wear a mask at meals?

No, unless doing so makes you feel more comfortable.

Must I wear a mask for other Esprit functions?

No, unless doing so makes you feel more comfortable.

Can I take my mask off for a photo?


What happens if I don’t wear my mask?

That's entirely up to you.

What happens if I see others not wearing masks?

Please respect their decision to wear or not to wear a mask.

Must I be vaccinated to attend Esprit?

Yes. You must provide proof of completed vaccination with an approved COVID-19 vaccine before you will be allowed to check in at Esprit. There are no exceptions to this.

What vaccines are approved?

Esprit will accept certain vaccines that have been approved for travel into the US, even though those vaccines may not be available in the US. To clarify: The Centre for Disease Control has a list of vaccines available in the US, but some others are approved for travel into the US. For example, AstraZeneca is distributed in Canada and is approved for entry into the US, although it isn't available in the US. Check the CDC's list here.

What do you accept as proof of vaccination?

We accept official certificates (digital or paper) issued by state or provincial health authorities. Doctor’s notes or exemption certificates will not be accepted.

I’m not, or can’t be vaccinated. Can I attend if I wear a mask?


Will you accept a recent negative COVID-19 test?


What if my doctor/friend/church/conscience says I can’t/shouldn’t be vaccinated?

We cannot admit you to Esprit without proof of vaccination. There are no exceptions to this. Our conscience will not allow us to put our other attendees at risk.